Pastor Marc is joined by Cameron Bertuzzi of Capturing Christianity for part 1 of a discussion on “Street Epistemology”, a movement growing in popularity with atheists and skeptics. They take a look at what SE is, some general problems with it’s methodology, and address how Christians ought to think about some specific SE tactics should they encounter them.

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00:00 Introduction

04:21 Meet Cameron Bertuzzi

05:46 How did you get turned on to this topic of Street Epistemology?

07:53 More About Capturing Christianity

09:51 Defining Street Epistemology

12:51 General negative aspects of SE

17:10 A word about difficult questions

18:35 They’re not experts either

19:20 SE seems designed to create doubt, not seek truth

22:34 People from other religions say the same thing, why think your belief is the right one?

32:38 If there is supposedly all of this evidence for Christianity, why are there so many others who can’t see it?