Pastor Marc is joined by Cameron Bertuzzi of for part 2 of a discussion on a growing movement among atheists and skeptics known as Street Epistemology.

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00:00 Introduction
02:59 What if your initial reason for belief isn’t a good one?
07:36 Why doesn’t SE focus on the evidence?
15:16 If you didn’t have ____ as evidence, would you still believe in Christianity?
21:56 What’s with the amateur psychological-analysis?
-22:53 So what if your beliefs are based on emotion instead of evidence?
-23:35 Whatever is asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.
-24:28 What do you do with the idea that people are just indoctrinated into Christianity?
32:58 Measuring confidence in your belief
34:19 Do you have to be 100% confidence to be a Christian?
37:30 The Outsider Test for Faith
41:34 A wealth of information available at
43:13 Helping others stand firm in the face of challenges
44:12 Recap and a Concluding Challenge to Street Epistemologists