Pastor Marc is joined by David Dover, Jay Medenwaldt, and Patrick Chaney at Liberty Hill Baptist Church to answer questions from the audience. (Videos of individual questions are will be posted over the next few weeks from the date of this posting.)

Questions Asked:

  •  Does God humiliate us to teach us?
  • Can a Christian be possessed y a demon?
  • Is there any record of anyone trying to kill Lazarus?
  • Do we choose Jesus or does Jesus choose us?
  • Does God condone polygamy in the Bible?
  • How do you know if something is God’s will and not just yours?
  • Why did God give us a choice when He wanted us to be like Him?
  • What if Moses forgot to put something in the Bible?
  • What does it look like to “die to yourself” daily?
  • Should Christians observe the Sabbath on Sunday or Saturday?
  • Is baptism necessary for salvation?
  • Are there levels of faith?