I joined together with some teammates from The Mentionables to respond to a group of atheist YouTube personalities’ claims of what indicates you are on the path towards unbelief. (See original atheist video HERE.) According to popular atheists, if you have these traits it means that you are most likely on your way to no longer believing in God, but is that true? See how these challenges are answered by myself, Joel Furches (joelfurches.com), Tyler Vela (freedthinkerpodcast.blogspot.com), and Caleb Johnston (subjectedtotruth.wordpress.com).


1. You Avoid Questions About God That Bother You

2. You Really Listen to Atheists


3. You Stop Taking the Bible Literally


4. You Love Science


5. You Use Science to Prove God


6. Your Reasons Don’t Work for Everyone


7. You’re Obsessed With Debating Atheists