One of my favorite apologetics topics has become addressing alleged contradictions and problems in the text of the Bible. In 2019 leading up to Easter, we did a series on Wednesday evenings at Liberty Hill Baptist Church addressing a bunch of these supposed errors and contradictions.

You can visit the YouTube Playlist HERE, or browse the list below.


When did the priests and scribes gather together to question Jesus?

Was Jesus Questioned by Herod?

Where was Jesus taken immediately following His arrest?

Who put the robe on Jesus?

What were Jesus’ last words?

Did tombs really open at the crucifixion?

Did both robbers mock Jesus or only one?

Who carried the cross?

Did the Romans let people near the cross?

Did the Romans crucify thieves?

What time was Jesus crucifixion?

Who buried Jesus?

Who did the women find at the tomb?

Did Mary Magdalene weep or rejoice?

Who found the empty tomb?

Did the women tell anyone or not?

Did Mary Magdalene recognize Jesus?

Could Jesus’ followers touch Him or not?

Did Jesus tell His disciples to preach to everyone or just the Jews?

Where did the Ascension take place?

When did the Ascension take place?

Did an angel cause an earthquake and roll back the stone or not?

Did the disciples stay in Jerusalem or go to Galilee?

Was Jesus crucified before or after the Passover meal?

What were the women supposed to tell the disciples?