This is my response to the atheist video “Questions No Christian Can Answer.” This was originally produced as part of a project with The Mentionables apologetics network. See below for where to learn more about the ministry of The Mentionables.




  1. How did God create humans and how could we discover those mechanisms?
  2. How do you know what is literal or not in the Bible?
  3. Why are you a Christian and not some other religion?
  4. Why would God need a human sacrifice to forgive sins?
  5. Why does your relationship with Jesus Christ invalidate how other religious believers feel about their gods?
  6. Why did God use a Flood, and why did God decide to hide all of the evidence of His act?
  7. Why are other religions wrong, despite having the same amount of evidence and conviction as you do for Christianity?
  8. Why does he require blood in order to grant forgiveness?
  9. If you’ve never been to the ends of the earth, if you’ve never been to every planet, if you’ve never been to the corners of the universe, how do you know other gods don’t exist?
  10. Why would Go even allow the minds of humans to be so easily deceived into believing in other religions?
  11. Why is Doubting Thomas vilified as the bad guy for utilizing the scientific method, while the rest of the rest of the disciples are congratulated for following like blind sheep?
  12. Why would you want either Heaven or Hell to exist when both of them sound absolutely abysmal?
  13. Can a person simply choose to believe in something that they are not convinced of? Why has he chosen not to supply that evidence for us; even though we wanted to believe?
  14. Why is the Big Bang irrational, but Creation by God logical when both are something coming from nothing?
  15. How can the Bible be the basis for morality when it contains so much immoral stuff?




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