• Patrick Chaney: Patrick is a Systematic Theologian who grew up in Moody, TX.  He received his B.S. from Texas Tech University in Human Development and Family Studies and his Masters of Divinity from SMU Perkins School of Theology. His particular area of focus was systematic theology, with an emphasis on the Trinity.
  • Clinton Wilcox: Clinton is an apologist and author for the Life Training Institute. While capable of defending the Christian faith on a wide range of issues, Clinton’s primary focus in the area of bioethics (abortion, euthanasia, etc.).
  • David Dover: David has his MDIV from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, is am Air Force veteran, and has spent decades in the ministry in a variety of roles including evangelist, Baptist Student Ministry Director, hospital chaplain, and pastor.
  • Marc Lambert: Pastor at Liberty Hill, focuses on helping people seek the answers to their questions and doubts.


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  • Introduction
  • Did Jesus commit suicide?
  • How do you reconcile Martin Luther’s anti-Semitism with his status as a hero of the faith?

  • What were women’s roles in Old Testament sacrifices?
  • Is “Cancel Culture” coming after Christianity?
  • What are your thoughts on evidence of extraterrestrials?
  • Have you had experiences with angels?
  • Why is same-sex marriage wrong?