Understanding the Conquest of Canaan from a Supernatural Worldview

One of the bigger issues that people wrestle with from the Bible is the Israelites’ conquest of the Promised Land and the things done in that campaign. In this excerpt from a Wednesday night study at Liberty Hill Baptist Church, I give a run down of common apologetic answers to common questions and then look at the deeper theological and supernatural issues going on behind the scenes of these events.

Parts of this lesson are sources heavily from Dr Michael Heiser’s books “Supernatural” and “Unseen Realm”.



Episode 18: “Does Christian Doctrine Contribute to Sex Abuse in the Church?”

In the wake of recent reports of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church and Southern Baptist churches there have been several questions and claims made about the way that the teachings of these institutions contribute to the environments that allow and protect perpetrators to commit their crimes.

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Responses: “7 Signs You Will be an Atheist Soon”

I participated in  a video series produced by The Mentionables responding to a video by The MrAtheist YouTube channel in which several atheist personalities share 7 “signs” that they believe means that you are on your way to abandoning your religious convictions.

  1. You avoid those God questions that bother you
  2. You really listen to atheists
  3. You don’t take your holy book literally
  4. You love science
  5. You want to prove your religion with science
  6. Your religious foundation is only good enough for you
  7. You’re obsessed with debating atheists

Episode 17: “Why doesn’t the Bible condemn slavery and rape?”

[Spoiler Alert: It actually does] This is a more full response to the issue of Slavery and Rape in the Bible that was presented by the atheist questioner in the “Questions No Christian Can Answer” response series by The Mentionables. To address this issue specifically, we need to properly understand how we should approach confusing or difficult passages in the Bible in general.

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