Episode 18: “Does Christian Doctrine Contribute to Sex Abuse in the Church?”

In the wake of recent reports of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church and Southern Baptist churches there have been several questions and claims made about the way that the teachings of these institutions contribute to the environments that allow and protect perpetrators to commit their crimes.

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“Doubt and Seeking Truth” (It’s No Trouble At All, part 01)

Pastor Marc starts a new series responding to a video by popular atheist YouTuber, Pinecreek, titled “How to Cause Trouble in Church” which attempts to cast doubts on the trustworthiness of the Bible. This series shows why the claims made in the video are really no trouble at all.

This first session takes a look at the intro to the video, reasons why Christians believe, and the faults with the skeptical approach to answering the question of whether a belief, particularly religious belief, is true or not.

The following sessions will look at the specific challenges leveled against the Scripture in the original video.