“Why did God allow Evil to exist?”


Episode 14: “Why did God hide all the evidence for a worldwide flood?” (with special guest, Steve Schramm)

A charge is often made regarding something someone disagrees with that “there is NO evidence for it.” Such a charge was made in recent video I was responding to as part of a project with The Mentionables. The question was regarding the flood recorded in the Book of Genesis. There is indeed evidence which seems to support the event of a worldwide flood. Whether one finds it convincing or not, it is certainly not true to that there is “no evidence” at all. Not being an expert on the subject, I turn to creation apologist Steve Schramm to help out with the details. You can learn more about Steve and his ministry at www.SteveSchramm.com.


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Episode 09: “Why am I a Young Earth Creationist?”

Every now and then the issue will come up of origins, and some people are surprised to find that I am indeed a Young Earth Creationist. A friend recently asked to chat with me about it on his YouTube Channel, and I agreed. You can check out that video here. Also, check out his blog at godsrocker.blogspot.com. Not entirely satisfied with my presentation there, I decided to devote a podcast episode to answering this question.


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