Episode 18: “Does Christian Doctrine Contribute to Sex Abuse in the Church?”

In the wake of recent reports of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church and Southern Baptist churches there have been several questions and claims made about the way that the teachings of these institutions contribute to the environments that allow and protect perpetrators to commit their crimes.

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Episode 17: “Why doesn’t the Bible condemn slavery and rape?”

[Spoiler Alert: It actually does] This is a more full response to the issue of Slavery and Rape in the Bible that was presented by the atheist questioner in the “Questions No Christian Can Answer” response series by The Mentionables. To address this issue specifically, we need to properly understand how we should approach confusing or difficult passages in the Bible in general.

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Episode 14: “Why did God hide all the evidence for a worldwide flood?” (with special guest, Steve Schramm)

A charge is often made regarding something someone disagrees with that “there is NO evidence for it.” Such a charge was made in recent video I was responding to as part of a project with The Mentionables. The question was regarding the flood recorded in the Book of Genesis. There is indeed evidence which seems to support the event of a worldwide flood. Whether one finds it convincing or not, it is certainly not true to that there is “no evidence” at all. Not being an expert on the subject, I turn to creation apologist Steve Schramm to help out with the details. You can learn more about Steve and his ministry at www.SteveSchramm.com.


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Episode 12: “If God is loving, then why should we fear Him?”

The Bible has a lot to say about fearing God. To some people it seems counter-intuitive that God could be both loving and someone that we should fear. In this episode, Pastor Marc takes a look at what it means to fear God and how that is actually very fitting that we fear a loving God.

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Episode 11: “What is Bioethics and why is it important?”

Better late than never! In this just-under-the-wire May podcast, Pastor Marc is joined by Clinton Wilcox of the Life Training Institute to discuss the issue of bioethics. What is it? Why does it matter? And how should we as Christians approach this increasingly relevant topic?

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