Episode 18: “Does Christian Doctrine Contribute to Sex Abuse in the Church?”

In the wake of recent reports of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church and Southern Baptist churches there have been several questions and claims made about the way that the teachings of these institutions contribute to the environments that allow and protect perpetrators to commit their crimes.

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Episode 11: “What is Bioethics and why is it important?”

Better late than never! In this just-under-the-wire May podcast, Pastor Marc is joined by Clinton Wilcox of the Life Training Institute to discuss the issue of bioethics. What is it? Why does it matter? And how should we as Christians approach this increasingly relevant topic?

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Episode 05: Halloween, “Is it possible to never sin?” and “What is the Sin That Leads to Death?”

In this episode from October of 2017, we explore the meaning of Halloween and whether Christians should participate. Then we answer two questions which had been submitted, “Is it possible to never sin?” and “What is the sin that leads to death?” Listen to or download the audio file at the link below …

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Episode 02: “Jesus’ Siblings, Why go to Church, and a bit more about The Shack”

In this episode, which originally was posted in May of 2017, Pastor Marc answers some submitted questions about Jesus’ brothers and sisters and church attendance. He also offers some additional thoughts about The Shack and God’s work of redemption in this fallen world.

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