Episode 19: “Are there contradictions in the story of Jesus’ birth?”

In this episode I respond to a half dozen or so alleged “irreconcilable contradictions” found between Luke and Matthew in their accounts of Jesus’ birth.


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Event: “The Mentionables Conference” 2019

I am excited for the opportunity to be a part of this event coming up in March.


  • Who:The Mentionables” Christian Apologetics Network
  • When: March 29th – 30th
  • Where: The Church at Tree Lake
    • 11519 China Spring Rd., Waco, TX 76708
    • ** NOT at Liberty Hill **
  • What: A two-day event with teachers helping equip you to be confident in the truth of Christianity, including a live debate between Tyler Vela and AronRa.
  • Why: Because in our increasingly secular culture, it is important for Christians to be aware of the evidence and arguments supporting their faith.
  • How:  Tickets are $20 (or $15 early bird special before Feb 4th). Debate is free to the public. Click here to purchase tickets.





Friday, March 29

6pm – Meet the Mentionables Panel Discussion and Q&A with John Dunbar, Marc Lambert, Nick Peters, Tyler Vela, Clinton Wilcox


Saturday, March 30

9am – Debate: “Has Christianity Historically Been in Conflict with Science?” with Tyler Vela & Aron Ra

12pm – Break for Lunch

1pm – Breakout Sessions

  • “Bioethics and How Christians Should Think About It” – Clinton Wilcox
  • “Christianity Among the Religions – Joel Furches
  • “Mental Health and the Church – Nick & Allie Peters

2pm – “Dealing With Doubt and Ascertaining Answers” – Marc Lambert

3pm – “The Resurrection of Jesus as History” – Nick Peters

4pm – “Slavery in the Bible” – Tyler Vela

5pm – Question & Answer with John Dunbar, Marc Lambert, Nick Peters, Tyler Vela, Clinton Wilcox


The Team

Joel Furches: Founder and director of The Mentionables, Joel is an educator with a background in developmental psychology. After gaining work as a freelance Christian Journalist, Joel became acquainted with the arguments for and against Christianity, researched in those arguments, and networked with other Apologists both well-known and small-time voices. Joel has written extensive articles on all subjects of Christian scholarship and church functioning – as well as a successful book on the subject. Joel has also collaborated and edited several other Apologetics books.

Nick Peters: Nick Peters’ ministry, Deeper Waters, has hosted and interviewed practically every well known Apologist and Christian scholar. Nick is also associate and collaborator with both Mike Licona and Norman Geisler. Nick has an education and background in Christian theology, and has written several e-books on the subject. Nick’s specialty is evidence for the resurrection

Tyler Vela: Seminarian and scholar, Tyler is well on his way to receiving a Masters’ in theology and apologetics. Tyler has written papers on the polemics in the early Pentateuch, teaches regularly in his ministry, The Freed Thinker, on subjects related to Apologetics and theology, and has successfully debated atheists on these topics.

Marc Lambert: As a pastor with years of ministry experience under his belt, Marc’s ministry blossomed as he began to encounter concerns within his audience regarding doubts and concerns. These, Marc found, were best addressed through the tool of Christian Apologetics. As Marc studied and labored to address these doubts, he inadvertently mastered the practice of Apologetics. Now Marc’s ministry is heavily focused on answering Apologetic questions with a pastoral bent – a concern for the spiritual health of the Christian church.


Aron Ra (Debate Guest for the Atheist Side): Aron Ra is an atheist activist and the host of the Ra-Men Podcast. He formerly served as president of the Atheist Alliance of America and is a regional director of American Atheists. He studied paleontology at the University of Texas at Dallas. Ra produces YouTube videos on the topics of skepticism, free thought, and atheism. He has engaged in live debates with Christians, including Ray Comfort and Kent Hovind, and presented at skepticism conferences in Great Britain and continental Europe.




“On The Spot” Question & Answer, Sunday, April 29th

Join us this Sunday, April 29th, from 6:00 – 7:30 pm, for our next Q&A event Our panel of experts will seek to give you answers to the questions and doubts you have regarding the Bible, God, Christianity, or religion and life in general.

Pastor Marc Lambert will again be joined by …

  • David Dover, MDiv from SWBTS and a background as Baptist Student Ministry Director, pastor and hospital chaplain
  • Kenneth Vaughan, completing his PhD in Sociology at Baylor University
  • Patrick Chaney, Masters in Theology from SMU

If we can get the technology to cooperate, on the day of the event, you should find a link to the LIVE STREAM via YouTube on this page.