"Hey Pastor ...?!"

You Have Questions. There Are Answers.


The “Hey Pastor … ?” Podcast is hosted by pastor Marc Lambert of Liberty Hill Baptist Church in Moody, TX. The idea behind it is to offer a place where people can bring their questions and doubts regarding the Christian Faith and seek answers.

Often pastors and preachers and teachers stick to their prepared lessons and sermons – or more comfortable Scripture passages – and end up not addressing the questions, confusions, and doubts many people are actually wrestling with.

Sometimes it is easy for a teacher or preacher to forget what it is like to not know what they now know so well, and despite their best intentions they will inadequately explain a point or end up raising more questions than they answered. Sometimes there is just simply bad communication that leaves you confused.

This podcast is just one way to help provide solutions to those problems. You can submit any questions on the Home page of this site. In addition to the podcast, Pastor Marc also hosts quarterly Q&A Events at his church in Moody, TX.


Who is Pastor Marc?

I serve as pastor at Liberty Hill Baptist Church in Moody, TX where I am a living reminder of Paul’s words in 1 Cor. 1:27 that God chooses the foolish thing of the world.

My lovely wife has been putting up with me since 2003, indicating that were we Catholic she deserves serious consideration for sainthood. We have 3 beautiful little girls who are daily used by God to teach me patience and expose the areas of my life and character where I still need prayer and discipleship.

Hobbies include sci-fi and king fu movies (the cheesier the better), sitting around thinking about exercising,  and mindless puzzle game apps.

My formal education focused on Biblical Studies at Liberty University. My informal education is far more diverse. Raised in an Assembly of God church and then various non-denominational congregations, when I began my activity in  ministry I chose to go with a multiple-personality approach and served in the Methodist church which I attended while also serving in college ministry through the Baptist Student Ministry at the local community college.

Now I am enjoying a love-affair with apologetics, consuming material from folks I both agree and disagree with.  Among the college ministry, youth ministry, and both domestic and foreign missions, and small library worth of books read, I have received a very broad and well rounded experience and insight to the Christian Faith … and enjoy nothing more than helping others find the understanding that is eluding them.

One thought on “About

  1. Hey Pastor Marc!
    I’ve been having trouble with the podcast rss feed. My podcatcher shoots back an error ie broken less fees line 30 column 0. No entity.
    Just letting you know in case other people have similar issues. Maybe it’s on your end, maybe not. All the best


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